Discovering the Vegan Delicacies in Seoul, South Korea

Vegan Delicacies in Seoul

The city of Seoul, South Korea has been so progressive in the past decades that it has become one of the megacities in the world. There are so many SCJ movements around the place and has no shortage of entertainment of all sorts. One of the delights you can enjoy in Seoul is the food.

For an Asian megacity, you can expect diverse selections of foods aside from Asian cuisine. There are even delicacies for non-meat lovers since East Asian countries are known for their reliance to agriculture.

What Is Vegan?

For starters, let us define what we mean by vegan. Being a vegan and a vegetarian are closely related. If one only focuses on eating vegetables with no interest in any meat, then you are considered a vegetarian.However, if your non-interest in meat translates far beyond food choice and unto your clothing, lifestyle and type of products consumed, then you are considered as a vegan. Being vegan does not necessarily mean an animal lover. It is an extreme way of living where you only accept products made from plants directly. However, in this article we shall focus on vegan food and where to eat them in Seoul.

Vegan-Friendly Establishments

If you happen to visit Seoul, South Korea, you can check out these vegan-friendly establishments:

  • Maru JaYeonSik Kimbap

This street food place offers some of the popular Korean dishes for vegan taste buds. One of their famous creations is the soy-based fried chicken and fish cakes. They taste like meat but are entirely made up from plant products.

  • Plant

This is a sought-after vegan restaurant located in Itaewon that offers Western cuisine. They even have alcoholic drinks and sweet cakes catering for vegans.

  • Vegetus

This restaurant sells a plant-based version of the meaty bulgogi panini. They make kombucha on the spot as well. Aside from the very friendly service, the restaurant has a mini store inside.

  • Coffee@Works

This coffee shop has grown to be a chain of stores spreading across the megacity. One of their most famous products is the Oatly lattes.

  • Vegan Space

Down across the Vegetus restaurant, you will find the Vegan Space store. It is an establishment selling all vegan essentials: from food ingredients to household items.

Vegan Food Products

Most traditional Korean restaurants and food stalls offer plant-based products in their varied menu. If you happen to pass by, try these following vegan foods:

  • Bibimbap

This dish is one of Korean’s traditional dishes. It is bowl serving of various fresh vegetables and rice. There can be non-vegan toppings and side dishes too, so be cautious and ensure that you order a vegan bibimbap.

  • Hotteok

This dish is a pancake that is deep fried with cinnamon and sugar. It is then stuffed inside with nuts after frying. This can be very well classified as a vegan dessert.

  • Buddhist temple food

Although Christianity in South Korea is rapidly growing, the Buddhist religion is still prevalent. There are certain establishments that adhere to this religion’s teachings. Thus, their food products are guaranteed to be entirely plant-based.


Being vegan may be tough for some people, but for a city as large and economically powerful as Seoul, South Korea, being a vegan is not surprising. There are so many restaurants in the city of Seoul that offer vegan delights. If you are a vegan or have friends who are vegans, you can stop by at Seoul, the next time you visit South Korea, for a taste of this secret delight.

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