Seven Kitchen Appliances to prepare your Vegan Diet Easy-peasy

kitchen appliances

Some of the most basic and common food is vegan. You can easily rotate within the vegan food and still get all the required nutrients. Preparing a perfect vegan meal requires more than just a recipe. You can hop over to this website for more info on this topic.

Having the required appliances can determine the result of your cooking. This article highlights some of the kitchen appliances you can use to produce an ideal vegan meal, save money and time.


Plant-based noodle is currently common in many stores. They include the spiralized butternut squash and veggie spirals. If you have your spiralizer, you can easily save some money. You can start with the hand-held spiralizer; however, it might limit you from preparing some food such as zucchini as well as some small cylindrical produce. In case you want to have unlimited preparation of spirals, buy the countertop spiralizer appliance. It is more costly but will allow for the preparation of any spiral food you desire.

Plant noodles pair excellently with a medley of sauce. This combination creates a simple but instant meal.

Cast Iron Skillet

This is one of the most durable appliances and it can serve you for many years. Ideal for preparing food such as pancakes, mushrooms, and seared tofu. It can also bake cobblers and cornbread among others. It has the advantage of being non-stick.


Although it cannot be described as the most compact appliance, it is one of the appliances that you should have in your kitchen. It can prepare food that is light and crispy even without using a single drop of oil. It is also fast and saves you the time spent on cooking. It takes less time than the oven. You can prepare food such as potato wedges to toast Brussels sprouts, tofu, and some baked food all in about 20 minutes.

High-Speed Blender

There is a big difference between the standard blender that costs around 30 dollars and the modern power/high-speed blender. Although it is relatively expensive, it will help in preparing sauces, soups, sweet treats, and smoothies.

Food processor

Even if you have a high-speed blender, it will also be important to have a food processor in your kitchen. If you only intend to be using the processor for preparing meals of one or two persons, you can acquire the mini 24-once models. If you need a more advanced processor to buy the Cuisinart Mini-Prep model. The food processor will come in handy when you want to prepare raw dessert crusts, burgers, cauliflower rice, nut butter, and several vegan foods.

Instant Pot

This might look like a less useful kitchen appliance in modern cooking, but once you experience its speed, you will like it. You can prepare the meal in less than 20 minutes. It is also excellent for batch meals. It can cook beans among other cereals.

Bamboo Steamer Basket

Just like the instant pot, once you experience the cooking of a bamboo steamer basket, you will become a frequent user. It allows the user to steam food in multiple layers. They are good for tamales, buns and homemade wontons. Ensure that you put some vegetables at the bottom of the steamer basket to prevent sticking.

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