The Terrifying Truth About Dairy Milk


When we think of cow’s milk, we’re already pre-conditioned to think that it’s healthy. After all, the big milk brands would always tell us that cow’s milk is good for the bones, for digestion, and other things for the body. In fact, there are some brands that are even promoting raw milk because these are apparently fresher.

However, is it really that healthy? Also, what are the risks in drinking raw cow’s milk– if there are any?

According to a pretty interesting study done by Sante Publique France and the Minister of Health, there is evidence that raw cow’s milk causes more harm than good in young children. In their research, they were able to find that there were a number of children who had gotten Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome after consuming raw cow’s milk. The cause of this was most likely from the E. Coli bacteria which is usually found in raw animal consumables like raw eggs, raw meat, and sushi. As seen in this research, it looks like E. Coli can also be found in raw milk.

That’s not the only study that slams cow’s milk. Another study done by Infact, Child, and Adolescent Nutrition tells that taking too much cow’s milk, whether raw or pasteurized, can lead to iron deficiency in infants and young children.

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