Our advocacy and vision will be nothing without the strength of our team. Inspired by the message we want to deliver through our social mission and effective content, our team is made of empowered individuals who have worked tirelessly to push our goals forward.

Come and meet the ones behind the message:

Monette Mills- Founder/CEO

Meet the brains behind the operation, our very own founder Miss Monette Mills. Mills was the inspiration behind the whole organization. With her innovative idea and passion, she turned her dream into a reality through this website.

Jim Singer- Editor in Chief

He’s our content master, the editor in chief. Before anything is published, it has to go through the scrutiny of our editor in chief, Jim Singer. He’s in charge of all the editors and content makers. Basically, he makes sure that the content written is suitable for the public eye.

Katherine Campbell- Social Media Director

As social media is an integral part of our site’s promotion, we only have the best handling our social media campaigns. Katherine Campbell is in charge of all our social media marketing activities. She makes sure that all our marketing campaigns are completely successful and can drive the traffic that our organization needs.