Student Health and Wellness Guide

To have good health as a student, it is recommended that you must exercise and eat a lot of vegetables.  Poor nutrition habits affect not only growth but also cognitive ability. Poor nutrition habits and lack of exercise can negatively affect the ability to learn. This nutrition guide will demonstrate how lifestyle habits affect our brains and bodies.
Importance  of healthy habits
that eat healthy foods and exercise regularly  create for themselves  a good environment for online tutoring  because:
They reduce the risk of illness: Without proper …

How to Start Your Own Food Blog?

As an avid food enthusiast, sharing knowledge on various food tastes online can be an interesting activity. Coming up with an interesting blog post is an easy task, yet harboring readers who share the same interest as you and starting out your own blog can be difficult especially when you’re still new to blogging.
Regardless of these difficulties, minor technicalities, you are still viable to create your own blog and gradually gain followers by doing these steps:
1. Choose a unique and catchy name for your blog
The first thing you need to do in starting out your own blog is choosing an appropriate name. You don’t have to be mundane about it; …

The Advantages of Ordering from Healthy Home Meal Delivery Services

A few years back, using home meal delivery service means eating hamburgers, fries, and other non-healthy foods. This is totally not the case today with the emergence of businesses offering healthy home meal delivery services. These food companies provide healthy and ready-to-eat meals to all their customers. You can try free trial offered by sun basket which is one of the companies we are talking about.
Because of the busy and hectic daily schedules, work, and other commitments, many people do not have the time to do home cooked meals. This is the reason why home meal …

The Right Food for Preventing Inflammation

Whether we like it or not, we are what we eat. If we eat things that make us healthy, then we immediately become healthy. If we eat processed and unhealthy foods, then our bodies will deteriorate through inflammation and diseases.
While our lifestyle as a whole can affect the overall health of our body, we’d definitely say that diet encompasses a huge percentage. Other factors would be stress, exercise, and supplementation. With diet playing a huge role in overall health, one of the best ways to avoid long-term diseases and illnesses is to simply eat the right food. What exactly should we eat more of? Here’s a list:

Whole foods…

The Terrifying Truth About Dairy Milk

When we think of cow’s milk, we’re already pre-conditioned to think that it’s healthy. After all, the big milk brands would always tell us that cow’s milk is good for the bones, for digestion, and other things for the body. In fact, there are some brands that are even promoting raw milk because these are apparently fresher.
However, is it really that healthy? Also, what are the risks in drinking raw cow’s milk– if there are any?
According to a pretty interesting study done by Sante Publique France and the Minister of Health, there is evidence that raw cow’s milk causes more harm than good in young children. In their research, they were …

Taking Proteins: How to Know the Ideal Intake?

Most people have this notion that the more protein they take, the better it is for their body because they can get bigger muscles. While this is quite true, is an overload of protein actually good for you? Or rather, is it more dangerous to your body?
Well, this can’t be helped as most gym instructors would encourage members to take protein powders twice a day– post workout and before bed. They claim that doing this will help build the muscles better. However, did you know that the recommended dietary allowance is only 46g to 56g per day? Any more of that is considered bad for health.