The Terrifying Truth About Dairy Milk


When we think of cow’s milk, we’re already pre-conditioned to think that it’s healthy. After all, the big milk brands would always tell us that cow’s milk is good for the bones, for digestion, and other things for the body. In fact, there are some brands that are even promoting raw milk because these are apparently fresher.

However, is it really that healthy? Also, what are the risks in drinking raw cow’s milk– if there are any?

According to a pretty interesting study done by Sante Publique France and the Minister of Health, there is evidence that raw cow’s milk causes more harm than good in young children. In their research, they were able to find that there were a number of children who had gotten Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome after consuming raw cow’s milk. The cause of this was most likely from the E. Coli bacteria which is usually found in raw animal consumables like raw eggs, raw meat, and sushi. As seen in this research, it looks like E. Coli can also be found in raw milk.

That’s not the only study that slams cow’s milk. Another study done by Infact, Child, and Adolescent Nutrition tells that taking too much cow’s milk, whether raw or pasteurized, can lead to iron deficiency in infants and young children.

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet


Many people are going vegan these days because of the health benefits. In the long run, one will be able to see quite a lot of changes in his or her body by being very consistent with this type of lifestyle. He will already most likely feel some of the changes as early as a month. Here are some of the visible benefits that you can get by adopting a vegan diet.

The first month may be a little bit hard because you’ll just be getting used to this diet. However, one of the most notable things that you’ll feel would be a boost in energy. Because fruits and vegetables generally have all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs, it’s no surprise that your body will react positively toward it. You’ll also notice that your digestion and bowel movement has become smoother. This is because of the high amount of fiber present in fruits and vegetables. Fiber is essential in making sure that the flow of your digestive system is proper.


In 6 months, you’ll notice another big change which is better skin. If you used to have lines and acne, you’ll notice that they’ll fade off slowly.  You’ll also have brighter skin in the long run. Over a year of being a vegan, you’ll already be able to enjoy other health benefits such as less chances of getting diseases. You’ll be able to see the difference when you go for your regular checkup. You’ll notice that you’ll have much better results as compared to before you’ve started. This because things like saturated fat, bad cholesterol etc. have been lowered.

If you adopt a vegan diet, you’ll be able to see the difference as early as a month. Keep it up for a year or more and you’ll be able to turn your health around.

Adopt, Don’t Shop Advocacy Spreading the Message Worldwide


According to a survey made by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 6.5 million animals end up in the pound annually and 1.5 million have to be put to sleep. This actually shows that we do have some sort of animal overpopulation problem.

Where are all these stray cats and dogs coming from? Why do they keep appearing despite many being brought to the pound?

This is because animals on the street reproduce really fast. This is especially true for cats and dogs alike. This is why the advocacy message known as “Adopt, Don’t Shop” became popular. This basically tells us to adopt stray animals from the shelters and give them a nice home instead of buying bred animals. This can help the overpopulation problem and even decrease the number of animals that are euthanized per year.

In fact, this is a little message that a few celebrities have been pushing. Celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres, Alec Baldwin, and Leonardo Dicaprio are all for animal rights and welfare. Jackie Chan in particular supports the Adopt, Don’t Shop advocacy.

In one of his Twitter posts, Jackie Chan writes,

In support of PETA…I’d like to make an appeal to all pet lovers around the world, try adopting a pet instead of buying commercially bred animals,” Chan wrote on his Facebook post: “I hope everyone can be more compassionate towards stray dogs, stray cats, and other stray animals.”

This is to help give these strays the life that they deserve to have and to not die needlessly because they were found in the street. Along with this advocacy, spay and neuter options are now more widely offered by clinics and other institutions protecting animal well-being. This can help decrease the population to balance out the number of strays.

Taking Proteins: How to Know the Ideal Intake?


Most people have this notion that the more protein they take, the better it is for their body because they can get bigger muscles. While this is quite true, is an overload of protein actually good for you? Or rather, is it more dangerous to your body?

Well, this can’t be helped as most gym instructors would encourage members to take protein powders twice a day– post workout and before bed. They claim that doing this will help build the muscles better. However, did you know that the recommended dietary allowance is only 46g to 56g per day? Any more of that is considered bad for health.


So, if you regularly take your protein shakes and eat food that contain a lot of protein like nuts and fish, you’d most likely get more than the recommended dietary allowance (RDA). Of course, the figure we gave above is just an estimated figure. There is a way to accurately compute for the RDA. You can follow this formula:

  • Get your weight in kilograms
  • Multiply your weight by 0.8g (recommended protein per kilogram of weight)
  • The result is the recommended amount of protein to take per day

Let’s take an example. Let’s say you weigh 140 pounds. Divide that by 2.2 to get the weight in kg which is 63.63. Multiply this with 0.8 and you’ll get 50.9g. This means that you should only eat 50.9g of protein per day. This means that you have to carefully follow what you eat per day so that you can estimate the amount of proteins that you take every day. That way, you won’t get too much of it. At the same time, this guide will allow you to know if you are eating too less of it as well.

The Right Food for Preventing Inflammation


Whether we like it or not, we are what we eat. If we eat things that make us healthy, then we immediately become healthy. If we eat processed and unhealthy foods, then our bodies will deteriorate through inflammation and diseases.

While our lifestyle as a whole can affect the overall health of our body, we’d definitely say that diet encompasses a huge percentage. Other factors would be stress, exercise, and supplementation. With diet playing a huge role in overall health, one of the best ways to avoid long-term diseases and illnesses is to simply eat the right food. What exactly should we eat more of? Here’s a list:

  • Whole foods
  • Root crops and beans
  • Whole grains
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Raw oils like oilve oil
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids from fish
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Dark chocolate
  • Herbal tea
  • Red wine
  • Water


These are the foods that will help prevent any type of inflammation in the body. So what are the kinds of food that you should avoid? Here’s the list:

  • Processed foods like cookies and biscuits
  • Fast food
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Sugary foods such as dessert

As we can see, it’s actually quite simple to have good health. You just have to make sure that you watch your diet pretty carefully. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to avoid all the bad foods like a plague. Just make sure that you lessen your intake of the foods in the “avoid” list. If your body becomes healthier, it will reject those foods anyway, so just start off slowly.

Also, it will really help if you take the right supplements to go along with your diet. Make sure you take good multivitamins, minerals, omega-3 acids, and probiotics to complete the spectrum. That way, your body will become much stronger internally.