Flowers and Butterflies: Of Self-Portraits, Self-Growth, and Mental Health

Flowers and Butterflies

Fares Micue’s works have an ethereal beauty to them because of custom paint by number, and within that fantastical flair is a vision of the Spain-based conceptual photographer’s passion and the complex colors of her inner world.

The heart, soul, and artistic honesty in her works elevate them from mere photographs to framed summaries of the personal stories she wants to tell. Her works are even more personal as she is hands-on in all the elements involved.

She is the subject, the photographer, and the canvas, using a unique method as a form of painting self-portraits.

Stylistic Expression

Micue has a signature visual style that can be seen in all of her works. She employs a variety of objects to express her emotions and reflect her thoughts, ranging from botanical objects to feathers to balloons to origami. She does have an apparent preference for flowers.

Creative Conceptualization

Conceptualization is a very creative process for her, as she normally starts by sketching the concept she has in mind.

There is a narrative purpose for each of the props she uses and the elements she adds to the photograph. The choices of colors, moods, clothing choice, location, props, and posture are all carefully contemplated.

The finished products normally depict her intertwined with, covered by, blanketed by, or heading into the main element, whether it be flowers, leaves, butterflies, balloons, or butterflies. There is a prevalent theme of overgrowth as conveyed by the use of the element of choice.

These elements are often depicted as stemming from within her, engulfing her in some way. One may also notice how her face is covered in most of her photographs, pulling the focus toward the floral or elemental overgrowths that seem to overwhelm her.

Looking Within 

Deep introspection, mental health, positivity, self-love, and personal empowerment are among the themes being evoked in her works. They also explore more vulnerable themes like insecurity and isolation.

For Micue, the thought process and emotional intelligence applied by people in life will determine their perception of their realities. Aside from the aforementioned concepts, there is also the theme of growth and the conquering of obstacles, all interpreted in masterful visual artistry.

Visual Poetry

Her works are visual poetry, told to the onlookers by the combination of elements. There are specific choices of facile backgrounds, color saturation, and props that all play a part in telling a story.

Micue also adds poetry to further the expression, as can be seen in her Instagram. With all the heart and passion in her works, onlookers can only imagine how cathartic the creative process must be for Micue.

Artistry and Empathy

Micue may be a conceptual photographer, but her visual artistry seems to take her photographs into more fantastical pieces, as if they are highly realistic paintings, thanks to the purposeful elemental exaggerations, stunning color and lighting choices, and other accents.

With all the narrative elements, one might say she is a poet or a storyteller, and in many ways she is. Her works also contain a lot of symbolism, and to merely critique the technical aspects of them would be insufficient for full appreciation of them.

The messages that the narrative of her works convey are also as relevant to many people as they are personal to her. What Micue has created and continues to create is a perfect mix of art and heart. Artistry and empathy.


Fares Micue uses her medium and unique artistry as a way of painting self-portraits that deal with several themes. Her unique take on these themes allows her to strike a chord in her audience, making her a brilliant artist in every way.

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