Student Health and Wellness Guide

Student Health

To have good health as a student, it is recommended that you must exercise and eat a lot of vegetables.  Poor nutrition habits affect not only growth but also cognitive ability. Poor nutrition habits and lack of exercise can negatively affect the ability to learn. This nutrition guide will demonstrate how lifestyle habits affect our brains and bodies.

Importance  of healthy habits


that eat healthy foods and exercise regularly  create for themselves  a good environment for online tutoring  because:

They reduce the risk of illness: Without proper nutrition, a student is always at risk of having strong autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular disease, and high blood pressure.

High energy levels: The food you eat determines the performance of your body. Lackluster energy is gotten from the food we eat.

Increase concentration and awareness:  Proper nutrition improves our ability to remember and process information.

Reduces anxiety and depression: Proper nutrition helps to reduce imbalances which are caused by anxiety and depression.

Fitness &nutrition challenges

Students go through a lot of challenges in terms of fitness and nutrition.  What determines our health and wellness is how we sleep, eat, and exercise. A person’s nutrition when as a kid is different as compared to when he is in college. The following are factors that make it difficult to keep healthy habits in college.

Cafeteria food

Cafeterias and vending machine are common in most schools; they are mainly designed to dispense fast foods which do not require a lot of preparations.  Most students prefer taking their foods at cafeterias since the food is affordable.  Most foods in cafeterias are loaded with unhealthy fats, sugars, and sodium.

Finding time to exercise

Most students no longer have time to exercise. They spend their free time on their phones or other technological gadgets other than doing exercise.  When we don’t exercise daily, our health is likely to fail.

Getting  Enough Sleep

Lack of enough sleep pauses a huge threat to our health. It affects our creativity, critical thinking,  concentration, and memory.  Our bodies can heal themselves from any cardiovascular problems when we are asleep.  When the heart and blood vessels are stressed up because they don’t have enough sleep.

We become exposed to kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, and obesity. Our mood is usually affected by the quantity and quality of sleep.  Most students spend a lot of their time having fun or studying. Only a few of them spend their time sleeping, which is disastrous to their health.

Students face other nutrition challenges, such as trying to balance health and academics. Students in athletics are mostly affected because they are ever trying to keep up with a hectic, demanding schedule. Thus, for students to remain healthy, they should always eat a healthy snack, take at least a cup of dairy, stay hydrated, and eat foods that have nutrients rather than calories. Even though it takes time to build good eating habits there are various ways you can change your lifestyle to improve your health.

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