Adopt, Don’t Shop Advocacy Spreading the Message Worldwide


According to a survey made by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 6.5 million animals end up in the pound annually and 1.5 million have to be put to sleep. This actually shows that we do have some sort of animal overpopulation problem.

Where are all these stray cats and dogs coming from? Why do they keep appearing despite many being brought to the pound?

This is because animals on the street reproduce really fast. This is especially true for cats and dogs alike. This is why the advocacy message known as “Adopt, Don’t Shop” became popular. This basically tells us to adopt stray animals from the shelters and give them a nice home instead of buying bred animals. This can help the overpopulation problem and even decrease the number of animals that are euthanized per year.

In fact, this is a little message that a few celebrities have been pushing. Celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres, Alec Baldwin, and Leonardo Dicaprio are all for animal rights and welfare. Jackie Chan in particular supports the Adopt, Don’t Shop advocacy.

In one of his Twitter posts, Jackie Chan writes,

In support of PETA…I’d like to make an appeal to all pet lovers around the world, try adopting a pet instead of buying commercially bred animals,” Chan wrote on his Facebook post: “I hope everyone can be more compassionate towards stray dogs, stray cats, and other stray animals.”

This is to help give these strays the life that they deserve to have and to not die needlessly because they were found in the street. Along with this advocacy, spay and neuter options are now more widely offered by clinics and other institutions protecting animal well-being. This can help decrease the population to balance out the number of strays.

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